We would like to thank our wonderful Volunteers for all of their support.

Team Green World

Change won’t happen without you! Become a volunteer for Team Green World. We are always looking for green ambassadors, special project assistants for events and festival programs.

We are Also seeking individuals who have musical talent to play an instrument (or sing) and professional educators with a strong background in science, math and/or music (middle school age would be a plus).

If you are interested in participating in our programs in 2015, please reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you.

Our Special Projects Volunteer Rhonda Carson has completely restored Eco’s costume this past year so that ECO could appear at our programs in 2014. We cannot thank Rhonda for her hundreds of hours donated to help our cause. Thanks Rhonda! We are looking forward to another wonderful year with you by our side! Our 2015 Grant requests include a replacement costume for Eco the Butterfly so that he can appear on Earth Day 2015. Rhonda can’t make any more patches!!! Sorry.


Team Green World

Mark & Michael Harman (pictured here with Co-Founder & President, Donna Bukevicz)

Michael is in our Youth Mentorship Program (and is also a puppeteer in our children’s program). Mark donates his services, time (and equipment) to our local programs. We are GRATEFUL for his devotion and support. We invite you to checkout his wonderful business at HarmanyDJs.com

Empowering kids to care about themselves & the world they live in!