Team Green World’s hand’s on STEAM-based learning activities (Pre-K to 7th grade). This program infuses design and music education in traditional STEAM related activities to facilitate the growth of cooperation and creativity in students.

The three “R”s: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Activities include making musical instruments (kazoos, shakers, drums) out of recycled materials and performing songs with them.

"Upcycling” design activity (Pre-K to 12th Grade) involves on-site demonstrations & hand’s on designing with children. Upcycling involves the use of recycled clothing, jewelry, buttons, and fabric turning them into trendy “upcycled” fashion wear.
STEAM related learning: nature of sound waves in closed chamber; pitch and intensity.
Design related learning: how to use various materials to create sound; reuse of materials for new purposes; conservation of material culture through recycling.

Color How you Care for the Planet: What kid doesn’t like to color?
Participants associate caring for the earth with various colors, creating a mental and visual map of how they personally can interact with their physical environment to make a difference. Color calls upon the artist’s psychological resources, engaging a variety of areas of the brain in learning. This activity creates meaningful experiences for children as they plan how they will become stewards of the earth. Kids can either take home or donate their work-of-eco-art to TGW

Make a Kazoo! Who doesn’t like playing a kazoo? It’s FUN! At our events, we help you make your very own kazoo out of recycled materials! Did you know you can use a toilet roll as the kazoo itself? Then you build it from there with string, a rubber band, wax paper and a few other secrets we will show you at our program.

Team Green World
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