• By Ross Orenstein
  • Posted September 1, 2014

“The Connector” Online Magazine

How did you learn your ABC’s? It was with the "ABC Song,” wasn’t it? Team Green World is a nonprofit organization that builds off of that same musical model to teach children and their parents how to think ecologically through "eco-edutainment.” Our group uses music, dance, videos and an interactive puppet show. We even have a new, costumed butterfly character, Eco the Butterfly. The idea for Team Green World was launched when I met Academy Award-contending vocalist and seasoned songwriter Donna Britton Bukevicz at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival.


  • By Hannah Dellinger
  • Posted June 5, 2014

Fauquier Times

Donna Britton Bukevicz, a talented vocalist and Warrenton resident, has embarked on a global mission to make people think ecologically with music. Bukevicz helped to organize a Virginia non-profit called Team Green World that performs songs and dances with children, local talent and seasoned professionals all over the nation. Their goal is to make people think about the planet differently and to start making small changes one step at a time with a positive musical message.


  • By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted May 28, 2014

Team Green World to Appear at Green Festival DC

Children of all ages will learn how to “Think Ecologically” with our interactive puppet production created by Nashville CGMA Songwriter of the Decade, Kat Korac. Meet our puppets (Professor “E”, Grady and Lazy Mae). Join in and dance to our high energy “Lean Green Dancing Machine” song with Eco the Butterfly. Be entertained with original “eco-friendly” songs by Oscar Contending vocalist and TGW President, Donna Britto Bukevicz along with Trystan Manahan, our 12 year old “Rising Star” from our mentoring Program and a student at Allegro Community School of Arts in Warrenton, VA.


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