Team Green World

Interactive puppet show (“Live” program) – Age Group: 2 and up

Theme: To introduce environmental awareness to children and to encourage them to think (and act) ecologically using puppets, songs & dance.

Our puppet shows are operated 100% by the kids who are in our Youth Mentor Program!

Intended messages: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Think Ecologically. Even kids can do something great for the environment (starting at home and school), Small things add up to big changes. Taking care of the water resources (oceans, lakes & streams), helping children understand what it means to be green and how to put that into action in their everyday lives.

Audience participation: Kids are given musical instruments (kazoos, drums, shakers) made out of recycled materials and are asked to join in, play, sing, dance and interact with characters (both puppet and human).

Questions like: “What can you do to help our environment?” Children are educated to differentiate between trash and recyclable materials and encouraged to place them in the recycle or trash bins on the set.

Empowering kids to care about themselves & the world they live in!