Team Green World

Music & Art are recognized by the National Education Association as essential methods in teaching and learning 21st Century skills. Today’s students will live and work in a world where everyone will be required to be creative innovators who possess the ability to work collaboratively toward common goals.

Our TGW Mentorship Program focuses on developing and nurturing:

A youth volunteer to mentor their friends in their circles of influence (school, home, neighborhood, clubs, etc). They teach TGW songs, dance, and lead discussions about how to “Think Ecologically” in day-to-day living at home, school & with their friends!

Our Environmental Youth Mentor program:

  • integrates STEAM learning with stewardship toward the earth
  • engages children in activities that calls upon the child’s psychological resources, engaging a variety of areas of the brain in learning.”
  • creates meaningful experiences as they plan how they will become stewards of the earth
  • enhances learning through the arts to promote community action
  • builds self-esteem and improves childhood wellness

Empowering kids to care about themselves & the world they live in!