• By Ross Orenstein
  • Posted September 1, 2014

“The Connector” Online Magazine

A new generation of children is learning it’s not only easy to be green, it’s also fun.

How did you learn your ABC’s? It was with the "ABC Song,” wasn’t it? Team Green World is a nonprofit organization that builds off of that same musical model to teach children and their parents how to think ecologically through "eco-edutainment.”

Our group uses music, dance, videos and an interactive puppet show. We even have a new, costumed butterfly character, Eco the Butterfly.

The idea for Team Green World was launched when I met Academy Award-contending vocalist and seasoned songwriter Donna Britton Bukevicz at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival.

Donna’s Nashville publishing company had a stable of songwriters called "Team Green" that were writing original green-themed songs. I had been licensed to write music for McGruff the Crime Dog and was the co-creator of Eco the Butterfly. We merged the two concepts to form what is now Team Green World.

A recent appearance at Green Festival DC earned rave reviews from the festival’s national program director, Robert Butler. "You are the best program that has ever been in the Family Fun Area,” he said. "You are the shining example of what we had in mind when we were looking to turn up the volume and increase the value and take-away message for our young attendees and families at Green Festival DC. We thank you for providing world-class eco- edutainment.”

"We are so excited with the response we are getting to our brand of eco-edutainment,” said Team Green World president Donna Bukevicz. "Performing to 20,000 attendees at Green Festival DC was surely one of the highlights of our nonprofit organization.”

We at Team Green World also launched our new teamg reenworld.org website this summer. We have an upcoming appearance at the Piedmont Harvest Fest in Warrenton, Va, on Sept. 13. We’ve also been invited to Green Festival Chicago and San Francisco later this year and are seeking sponsors for the Family Fun Stage.

The theme of Team Green World is "music is the messenger.” We look forward to bringing eco-edutainment to your town. Visit the website, become a fan on Facebook and follow Team Green World on Twitter.