• By Rhonda Carson
  • Posted February 12, 2015

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Top of the DAY to you!  I’m Rhonda Carson  and I am a Volunteer for Team Green World.  My title?  Special Projects and now I’m entering into the world of BLOGGING to share with all of our friends about my "JOB” at on-site events and programs — UPCYCLING…  clothes and turning them from old unworn items to cool, trendy, fashionable eco-friendly clothes.  I’m also going to share cool things you can MAKE like the item in this BLOG.  

PS: Checkout how good Eco the Butterfly looks! I RE-PURPOSED him last year (as he was over 10 years old and needing some UPCYCLING!)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day–   

Plantable Valentine’s Cards

This is easily the most unique idea I’ve ever come across for Valentines, and the recipients are going to LOVE them.Simply creating your own paper infused with flower or herb seeds, the recipient can actually PLANT the card and watch a little garden grow! Doesn’t sound so simple? You’ll definitely be surprised. In addition to being easy, this projects set the bar as THE most budget and environmentally friendly. Thank you Pinterest

What you’ll need:

Several sheets of white scrap paper (Anything that’s not glossy, and that you’re happy to shred!)

1 piece of red or pink paper

Old towels or 2 grease screens

Flower or herb seeds ( I like using  herb seeds)

Heart shaped cookie cutter

Rolling pin


Tear or shred the paper into small pieces. Soak in a large bowl filled with water for at least 30 minutes. Pour water and soaked paper into a blender, and pulse until it’s fully blended. Pour "pulp” mixture back into the large bowl. Stir in seeds. I used 3 small packets. Lay 2 large towels across a flat hard surface (table, floor, etc). Place the cookie cutter firmly on the towel and fill with enough pulp to cover the entire space of the heart. Press down with your fingers to push out most of the water from the pulp. Repeat until you have enough hearts. Allow to dry for at least 1 day.

You can attach these to card stock, or give them out as is. Attach planting instructions.

Plant this heart and watch it grow!

1.Tear into pieces
2.Sprinkle throughout a pot filled with soil
3.Top off with another inch of potting soil
4.Water daily and watch me grow!


Happy Upcycling, Rhonda

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