• By Natasha Frisk
  • Posted July 4, 2015

We are truly blessed to have people JUMP on the Team Green World "ambassador” train to march along (or dance in this case) to help spread our mission. We are happy to introduce you to our newest AMBASSADOR for Team Green World, Natasha Frisk, Owner & Operator of Fitness & Energy !. Thank you Natasha for joining us in our mission to teach kids of all ages to think ecologically using MUSIC as the messenger.

A TESTIMONY from Natasha

"Fitness and Energy w/Natasha Frisk has become apart of Team Green World by adding more dances and movement to the music with my Zumba Kids! The Zumba Kids have now been apart of two really fun events this past spring! The Habitat for Humanity Restore Event and recently the Warrenton Spring Festival! Fitness and Energy w/Natasha Frisk. I am really looking forward to continuing help spread the message of being green and environmentally friendly to kids of all ages!”

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Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Smile
Natasha Frisk
Certified Trainer and Owner of Fitness and Energy


Zumba Kids - Team Green World