• By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted May 13, 2015


There is so much to talk about that I don’t know quite where to start — so how about this picture?  Isn’t it wonderfully PACKED full of kids who just participated in our Earth Day program at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore event?   The top row is our volunteers (Maddie, Julia, Ariel (new arrival Wade who we met at the Boys & Girls Club), Elle and McKenzie) — see Rhonda’s head to the far right?  She’s at the upcycling station doing her thing with the ZUMBA kids from Natasha Frisk’s dance company – Fitness & Energy.  The second to the top row -(with the thumbs up) — our very own Michael (our 1st Ambassador) from TGW’s Youth Mentor Program), Sabrina & Charles who participated in 3 months of mentoring to launch their newly acquired ECO-edutainment skills at Springfest Cleanfest Annual Earth Day event.. They did a wonderful job and HAVE FUN while learning.   The ZUMBA kids are brand new arrivals in our Youth Mentor Program and thanks to Natasha for bringing her gift of DANCE to Team Green World.

It’s all about the kids here folks and we are happy to be a part of the walk to "teach kids of all ages to think ecologically” using music as the messenger