• By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted November 14, 2014

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So this is my first attempt at writing a blog for Team Green World. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I want to reach out to you all personally about what my days are like now that Team Green World has really started to become active in my hometown & community. The picture  is with our wonderful teen volunteers Ariel, MacKenzie & Elle (taken at Piedmont Harvest Festival). Thanks to Kathleen Goode (we now have some awesome teen and pre-teen volunteers at events to help us with our mission). Saturday, October 25, 2014 was National Make A Difference Day. We were so HAPPY to be invited to participate at the Warrenton Fauquier Fairgrounds for the Annual "Girl Scouts Adventure Day”. I feel like we reached another milestone this weekend with this event. Because of the beautiful weather, it was a SUPERB turnout with both kids and parents attending the event. TGW was listed in the program as "exploring the arts through environmental education.” Our station included programs like "color how you care about the environment,” which involved one on one discussions with the girls about how they think ecologically at home in their own environment with their parents and siblings. We asked them to draw themselves doing something to Think Ecologically. The kids were then invited to sit down and color what they just told us verbally. We have officially launched our first coloring contestfor Team Green World. How fun is this? So each art work colored by the girls at this past Saturday’s event will be entered into our 2015 TGW calendar Contest (which we plan to have available for purchase on our website (of course we will  have it digitally so it’s 100% Eco-friendly). Each child picked a month they wanted to enter their art work into and the interviews were conducted by myself as well as our teen volunteers who watched me conduct a few interviews and then were launched on their own as the day went along.

Another new program launched was upcycling demonstrations conducted by our special projects volunteer Rhonda Carson.  This involved hands on demonstrations teaching the definition of upcycling (which is re-purposing existing clothes from their wardrobe) into what is trending in today’s fashion scene. We showed them how to take reused t-shirts and turn them into scarves and pillows for their room and we re-used (upcycled) a flannel shirt (from Goodwill) with items collected at home re-purposing its use into a cool and trending looks. Girls of all ages participated. Volunteers included 9 year old nephew Michael (from our mentor program), Kathleen Goode (adult volunteer ,CPA and recently appointed bookkeeper for TGW), Rhonda Carson (special projects), Danielle Harman, Mark Harman (my bro and sis-in-law), 16 yr old Mckenize.  Elle (16) was our Eco the Butterfly mascot and 11 yr old Julia Goode (it was her first day volunteering). We would be nowhere without our volunteers, so I want to really give a shout out of thanks to everyone who helped that day. Here are some pics – Oh yeah, and Smokey The Bear was also there so we got some cute pics with him (Of course Eco was shining like a star as he fluttered around to dance with the kids).

Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers and most especially Kathleen Goode (whom I met at the Fauquier Chamber). Every minute you give is soooo appreciated!