• By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted December 5, 2014


Donna TGW pic How may emails did you have in your email box after Thanksgiving? I was amazed that I had over 700 and most of them were people asking for money because Tuesday December 2nd was Giving Tuesday. You might be asking what’s all the hub-bub about with this Giving Tuesday thang and what is it? Giving Tuesday was a global day dedicated to giving back. I love how the word "give-back” rolls off the tongue.

So onto some new statistics. Because of our recent appointment of the fabulous Susan Feathers (Environmental Educator & Grant writing Guru who just joined TGW’s staff), we have some hard figures and content being prepared about "how we are making a difference with our programs.” In 2014, TGW’s Eco-Edutainment event outreach programs reached 77,600 children and adults? I’ll admit that that figure kind of blew me away! We are steadfastly putting together three grant requests by the close of the year and have also been lucky to find another wonderful addition to TGW’s staff of amazing volunteers! Kathleen Goode, CPA, has been gracious enough to get our books together. How on earth would we survive without our supporters in-house? So because of Kathleen busy crunching numbers and tossing shoe boxes around in her office, we can hand over the cold, hard-facts of where donations have gone and how we spend our money. Trust me, it’s not in salaries. Both Ross & I are 75% volunteer time. But it’s all good. I do have to say that my 70 hour work week also involves licensing music for my publishing company, Mountain Row Music. I’ve got two TV shows right now and a documentary I’m working on so the day’s FLY by! Keep your fingers crossed that my music supervisor position with Nashville Unleashed gets renewed for a second season. That’ll change my world for 2015 (and help my sleepless nights right now).

Ross, Rhonda, Kat, Susan, & Kathleen (and our terrific volunteers and passionate songwriters) are doing great things in building solid programs for Team Green World, but we could really use a little boost right now! Oh now, here comes the request. It’s easy. Will you FAVOR us on eBay and help us win a $25,000 grant? Heck, you could win a $2,500 eBay shopping spree! CLICK HERE and look for the red heart. No donation necessary.

Feel free to shout out to me on FB (but not too loud). You can find my personal facebook page at Donna Britton Bukevicz. I want to know if anyone out there is actually reading these, or if they are going off into cyber-space.

Thanks for taking the time and staying in touch with us. Everyone is important as we walk along our journey through green pastures.