• By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted April 17, 2015

Is it really Friday?  Yeppers! It sure is – FUN!   It’s been a great week and we are hustling to get ready for events underway for Earth Day!  Time just keeps ticking away and we are sooo excited about all that is happening in our world.   These are the kids from our Youth Mentor Program– meet Charles, Sabrina & Michael.   In an effort to provide our communities with a puppet program on a local and global level, we have a BRAND NEW PUPPET program for 2015.   This  new and improved puppet production features the KIDS from our Youth Mentor Program OPERATING the puppets, leading and dancing TGW’s  "DAISY DANCE” featuring Daisy the pink pig (shown below).  How fun is this and they are LEARNING at the same time!   We are in the pilot-phase aspect of this program but our goal is to make TGW’s puppet program a 100% turn-key program that can be presented anywhere at any time, by anyone (schools, youth organizations, church groups and kids at home).  Stay tuned for more details as we launch this program and fine-tune the content.

  • Environmental Steward Youth Mentor Program: Our TGW Mentorship Program focuses on developing and nurturing a youth volunteer to mentor their friends in their circles of influence (school, home, neighborhood, and clubs. They teach TGW songs, dance, and lead discussions about how to "Think Ecologically” in day-to-day living at home, school, and with their friends.  Youth who volunteer to become mentors are trained and supported by TGW staff. Our goal is to plant eco-awareness seeds that they can take with them on their journey through life, spreading and planting their own eco-awareness seeds as they grow up!

  • Interactive puppet show (Live demonstration at Events): Theme: to introduce environmental awareness to encourage children to think (and act) ecologically using puppetry, songs & dance. Characters:   Mr. Recycle Man, Chef Green & Meghann (our Eco-action cheerleader) and Human characters (Michael Harman, 10 yr. old Sabrina (11) and Charles 9 – are puppeteers). Intended messages; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Think Ecologically, Small things add up to Big changes, helping children understand what it means to be green (how to put that into action in their everyday lives).   Audience participation:  Kids are given musical instruments (kazoo’s, drums, shakers) made out of recycled materials and are asked to join in, play, sing, dance & interact with characters (both puppet and human).