• By Daisy
  • Posted January 30, 2015

Daisys world blog pic

Hello! I’m Daisy and I’m a dog. ?Why do I look HAPPY?    because my family has really gotten into recycling trash!

  • My people (mom and dad) started a long time ago with paper and plastic, but now has it grown. 
  • They find ways to recycle everything! 
  • Everyday the green can is full of paper, plastic, glass, metal, aluminum…
  • ?H?ow did they start? ??   they made a plan!
  • WHERE?   They have a place to put the recycling — a big green can outside and a small green can inside
  • They decided who would recycle? –  everyone in the house, dad would then take it to a recycling center. NOW, a big truck comes to our house to pick it up. That is my favorite part, I get to BARK at it!
  • They decided when?   ?EVERYDAY

?So are you ready to join them?

Are you ready to make a plan like my Mom & Dad did?


A big thanks to my MOM who wrote this blog for me. — I just told her what to say!



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