• By Donna Bukevicz
  • Posted January 5, 2015

HOLIDAY FLYER TGW:WARFHAPPY NEW YEAR!!      Monday, January 5, 2015

Wow– where did 2014 go to? I’m sure you are asking yourself the same thing as you return to the "real-world” after the holiday break.     So– here’s a wrap-up for our December. Team Green World finished up 2014 by partnering with WARF 0915 Class along with Families 4 Fauquier that is operated by the wonderfully passionate Rachel Pierce who does all kinds of great things for the families in our community. TGW’s mission for the senior community outreach event was to "bring the cheer of song and music” to the seniors. Our volunteers Kathleen Goode, her daughter Julia, her friend Gabby, my nephew Michael, brother Mark, friends Gary & Nancy Vineyard and Board Member Karen David were on-hand to sing, give hugs & holiday cheer and share stories with the residents who enjoyed our 12 song "sing-along” program which was perform acapealla that evening. A good time was had by all!










Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.54.56 AM11 yr. old Julia Goode did sign language to Silent Night as well as brought along her friend Gabby who volunteered for her first time. We thank you Julia & Gabby (and of course Kathleen who makes it all possible)! Santa gave presents away which were donated by members of the WARF 9015 Aqua belles and presented in their very own stocking full of things like socks, toothbrushes.    YEAH! – We made the local paper too – thank you Fauquier Times for stopping by to document the occasion.

We look forward to doing many more volunteer community events with Rachel, her volunteers & The Fauquier Fox from Families 4 Fauquier in 2015!

So now that our resolutions have been made and the Christmas decorations have been put away, a new "day has dawn” so to speak.

The question I always have each year, is "what can I do differently this year?” that will make my life and the lives around me, better? My gut tells me that number 1 is key or I can’t do 2 through 5.

(1) Take better care of me
(2) Spend more QUALITY time with my family
(3) Take more time to "smell the roses” (and include my husband along the ride).
(4) Reach more children and parents with our programs (we reached 76,000 in 2014!)
(5) HAVE FUN along the way

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who make our work possible. It’s going to be a GREAT GREEN YEAR! I feel it in my bones, don’t you?