Team Green World


Team Green World co-founders, Donna Britton Bukevicz and Ross Orenstein, met at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival (PBSF) in 2012 and the rest is history! Donna was conducting a workshop on how to get music into television and film and Ross (who is a PBSF board member) was conducting the school visits for the festival. After a brief conversation, Ross discovered that Donna had written the theme and several "eco-friendly green initiative songs” had been placed in a TV show called "Green Heroes” featuring renowned chimpanzee researcher and conservationist, Jane Goodall. Ross co-created a character named Eco the Butterfly to teach kids about taking care of the environment using music as the messenger. So they decided to merge their love of music and the environment to form Team Green World, which is now a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. They co-wrote the "Think Ecologically” Theme song with Nashville Grammy award winning writer Dave Tough and subsequently released a compilation CD within 3 months of meeting that featured both of their music. The next step was to launch their programs to the children of the world. We are pleased to say that on 9/1/2015, the Boys & Girls Club invited TGW to launch their after-school STEAM-based programs to the children who attend the club. We also have a standing invitation from Green Festivals (the largest sustainability event in America). So our programs ARE in full swing, we have our educational resources in place, a steady-active board and now all we need is continued support to keep the momentum going!